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    Great Fun!
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    We're making fun

Welcome to Laser Maze Wellingborough!

What is Laser Maze?

Laser Maze offers you the ultimate laser tag game. Using our new laser tag packs, you try to score points by shooting your opponents. You can deactivate other players for a short time and you can even earn extra points by deactivating the bases inside the arena (but be careful, they can shoot back!).
The game is played in our huge, 2700 sqr foot laser labyrinth on 2 floors filled with special effect lighting, great music and eerie fog all creating an exciting atmosphere, adding to the overall game experience.
Suitable for players ages 7 up. We are situated in the centre of Wellingborough, Northants. We offer Children or adults Birthday Parties or just a fun day out and Private Hire with our Laser Lockin package

Upon Arrival…

After walking through the door, a smile will spread across your face as you are greeted by the friendly members of staff. Purchase your ticket from the reception desk and wait for your game! Why not sit and have a drink? Or play on the arcade machines or pool table?


Your ticket colour will be called out and you will be led into the ‘briefing room.’ It is in here where your mission begins! The rules of the game are explained by a member of staff, along with how to use the equipment. REMEMBER: If you are unsure of anything, just ask the nearest member of staff!

Let’s Play…

You enter the arena. A dark battlefield. You hear a noise from your pack which signals the start of your 20-second hiding time. Once this 20 seconds is up, GAME ON! Shoot as many enemies as possible and try to avoid getting shot. You can even destroy your enemy’s bases twice each to get extra points!

Game Over…for now…

A voice over will say ‘Game over, please proceed to exit’ where a member of staff will be waiting to help you remove your pack if you struggle. Remember the name written across the top of the front of your pack. Step back outside into the reception area and wait for the score sheets to be given out. A member of staff will call out the names on the score sheets which correspond to the names on the top of the packs. Now you have finished playing, why not sit and have a drink, or play on the arcade machines or football table? Or, if you haven’t burnt off all your energy, you could go in for another game!